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Aurora World Inc

Llama and Alpaca Stuffed Animals

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It's important to choose your friends wisely but even more important to choose them cuddly! The Small Stuffed Llama Cuddly Friends Plush by Aurora is a perfect example. The company you keep says a lot about you and so does the company that you cuddle. When people see you snuggling up to this small llama stuffed animal they will instantly gain respect for you. You are a person with great taste and fine decision making skills. It will be clear that you know the importance of a good cuddle buddy. You don't waste your time with low quality cuddlers. Instead, you surround yourself with the softest, most floppy, and cutest stuffed animals you can find. This small stuffed llama is clearly built for comfort and companionship. Its simple design draws you in and makes you smile. Its soft fur makes you hold it tight. Its squishy belly helps you relax after a long day. Its eight inch size allows you to tuck it under an arm and go where you need to go. Good friends are there when you need them. Cuddly Friends are always by your side. Choosing this llama stuffed animal is wise. Cuddling it is brilliant!

Aurora World Inc. is one of the world's most popular plush companies with over 25,000 retail outlets worldwide. Aurora stuffed animals are incredibly well made with a focus on durability, safety, affordability, and most importantly, cuteness. The entire line of Cuddly Friends Plush by Aurora, including this small llama stuffed animal, is made with all new, child safe materials and meets or exceeds all U.S. safety standards. Recommended for ages three and up, the Small Stuffed Llama Cuddly Friends Plush by Aurora is surface washable.