The Male Alpacas

Kingston! Born 6/24/2014. One of our stud males. He's a beautiful rose grey color. He's a bit of spitfire this one. 


Master Chief, born 8/17/2008. This guy is a bit of a loner, but fine when the others join him. He outsmarts us when it's time for shots too, clever fella.

Stryker, 5/21/2008. This love bug stole all our hearts. Even Justin Timberlake would have been jealous of his coiff back in the day, those curls! He's also famous for giving you the 'ole goose when you aren't paying attention to make sure you get him some treats and he's quite famous for getting himself in the chicken coop if you aren't paying attention. 

Spider-Man, born 6/30/2007. He has such pretty markings. He's a friend to all, just a sweet boy. He does not like to share his supper so he will let you know to get out of his way. 

Mr. Man, born 8/30/2009. This guy makes us laugh, he has such a big personality! It really comes out during feeding time and when we have to do monthly shots. He just makes us all laugh. 

Braddock, born 9/20/2006. He's a beautiful dark brown Huacaya. He is another big personality boy. In the summer time you will find him underneath the water fountain splashing about.

Percy - age unknown. We adopted Percy last year and he is just a cutie pie. We believe he will never get any bigger than he is. He has some genetic deformities that we monitor closely and we do everything to give him the best life he can have. He has patellar luxation in both his back legs, but as long as he stays little he gets around just fine right now! You will catch him running around and playing along with everyone else.

Prince Caspien, born 8/31/2015. He is the son to our female alpaca, Maria. He is another huacaya and will be seen mostly with Rafa & Rio. He has the most beautiful thick white fiber just like his mother. 

Rafael, aka "Rafa", born 8/26/2016. He is the son of our female alpaca, Sibri. We enjoy his daily kisses! He will be the first one to come up and say hello to you and he's just a sweet boy. 

Rio, born 8/12/2016. He is the son of our female alpaca, Alexis. He might not give daily kisses like his buddy Rafa but almost! Those guys are two peas in a pod. He is our only black alpaca of the whole crew so I see his fiber selling out quickly each year!