The Female Alpacas


Simone! Born 8/15/2016. The youngest of the herd. You may look at her and think she doesn't have a lot going on inside that cute head of hers, but it doesn't matter because she is the sweetest one at the ranch! So soft and fluffy. She makes amazing fiber and sells out quickly every year. 

Allison! Born 1/16/2011. She and Alexis are thick as thieves. This one is so sweet and will let you love on her in return for some treats. Want to take her for a walk? No thank you, she will play dead immediately and she really commits to it. She'll lay there for a good ten minutes after you leave. 


Alexis! Born 7/12/2011. She likes to keep an eye on things from afar. You'll always see her near or next to Allison. Very treat driven and good on a lead. She is the mother of our male, Rio. I was told she has produced two dark babies despite being cream colored. 

Sibri! Born 5/31/2007.  She is so photogenic, just look at those beautiful eyes. Another huacaya and a beautiful color for fiber. She is the mother to our male, Rafa who shares those beautiful eyes. 


Carin! (Pronounced Cah-Reen). Born 7/16/2015. One of our suri's and get's mistaken for Sibri all the time. She is the one we call our sourpatch kid. Sometimes sour and sometimes sweet. 

Fana, born 6/14/2015. Our other suri girl. She is our most timid girl but once you have her on a lead and few calm pets, she is a dream. She is a friend to all the girls and hangs out with everyone. 

Maria, Born 6/29/2010. The Queen of the group. She is royalty, must be treated as such and will let everyone know if she is displeased with you or your actions. A true diva but she produces the most beautiful white fiber, so it's well deserved! She is the mother of our male, Prince Caspian.